A match

Each game has a 15 minute time limit. If the score is tied at the end of 15 min, the game goes into Sudden Death Overtime. The first player to score a point during overtime wins the game.

In a match you’ll also find three randomized bonus objectives that grant additional points to the first player to complete them. These objectives are displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, and can grant 1, 2, or even up to 4 bonus points.

For example, one bonus objective might be to capture all Vision Towers located on a map, to earn 2 bonus points. Vision Towers remove the fog of war when captured, revealing a larger area of the map, granting a powerful tactical advantage. If a player’s Rig stands on a Vision Tower long enough, the bar above the tower completely changes to the player’s color, meaning that it has been captured. If an enemy Rig walks on top of the Vision Tower as it is being captured, it will interrupt the process. The area revealed around a captured Vision Tower allows you to spot enemy movement and gather intel.

As you kill Kavash, you will earn XP which allows you to upgrade your Rigs during the match, raising their base stats and unlocking powerful abilities based on the Gear you equipped. Killing Kavash is the ONLY way you get XP; no XP is rewarded for destroying enemy Rigs, capturing Vision Towers, or scoring points. XP is shared across your squad, so once you have killed enough Kavash to level up, you will need to choose which one of your 3 Rigs to upgrade by clicking on the Upgrade button, and clicking on the Rig you wish to upgrade.

Keep in mind that the respawn time for all of your destroyed Rigs is dependent on the level of your most-upgraded Rig. Managing your levels is an important part of strategy in Dropzone!

Your Squad

In Dropzone, you control a squad of 3 Rigs, specialized combat robots, whose abilities and stats can be completely customized by swapping out different pieces of Gear. There are currently 4 classes in Dropzone: the tank, your damage soaker; the gunner, your source of mobile DPS; the mechanic, your support unit; and the summoner, your specialist in nanotechnology. Each class has a selection of Pilots with 6 customizable abilities, as well as a unique special move activated with the hotkey “R”.

  • Weapon slot: it determines your auto attack, damage per second. This ability is tied to your hotkey “Q”.
  • Body slot: it determines your additional health. This ability is tied to your hotkey “W”.
  • Utility slot: it determines your additional movement speed. This ability is tied to your hotkey “E”.
  • Each Rig has also 3 software slots that grant special passive abilities or effects. Each Rig type has one slot dedicated to class-specific software. The other two slots depend on the Pilot you select. The Pilot-specific software types are Offensive, Defensive, Speed and Sensor.

Rigs can be controlled in a variety of ways that will feel familiar to RTS and MOBA players, but are easy to pick up for players new to the strategy genre.

  • You can select your Rigs using the hotkeys “1, 2, 3”. The order of your Rigs is determined by how you select them in your builder. You can select all your Rigs at once using the hotkey “4”.
  • As an advanced technique, you can also create control groups for your units. Right-clicking on the map will move your selected Rigs. Right-clicking on enemy units will attack them.

If your Rigs get low on health, press the hotkey “B” to command them to return to your drop ship, where their health will passively regenerate.

Hunting Cores - Kavash

Kavash hives spawn in various locations around the map, and drop Cores when defeated. Cores must then be uploaded into the uplink at the center of the map for you to score a point. 

  • Pick up Cores by Right-clicking on them, then Right-click on the uplink to begin the upload process. 
  • A Rig can only carry one Core at a time, and only one Rig can be uploading at one time. 
  • The upload process takes 10 seconds, and the Rig must not move, use its abilities, or be interrupted. 
  • If a Rig is destroyed while holding a Core, the Core is dropped, and anyone can pick it up! You can also manually drop Cores by pressing the hotkey “D”.

Defeated hives will respawn over time, spawning tougher and more numerous units. The strongest of these Kavash the hive can summon are the Alphas, which can stand up to even a squad of Rigs! But as hives grow more powerful they also drop more Cores – the most powerful hives will spawn 2 of the massive Alphas, but they'll drop 3 Cores as a reward!

The most powerful Kavash units in the game are the boss Kavash, which spawn independently of the hives at points – marked on your minimap by skull and crossbones icons. While they don’t drop Cores when slain, they do drop a powerful buff that, when picked up, grants a large damage boost to your Rigs for a short amount of time.