Happy Friday, Commanders! Here's a look at your Dropzone community events! 



CSL Dropzone Collegiate Tournament


The Dropzone Collegiate Tournament is underway, brought to you by CSL in partnership with iBUYPOWER! Here's a highlight from last week's round robin matches between University of Mississippi vs. University of North Texas.




TakeTV Friendzone Cup #7


Region(s): Europe, North America
When: Sunday, March 19

The 7th Friendzone Cup, powered by (and with prizes from!) Paysafecard, is open for registration. Go sign up!

(ENG) http://battleoftherigs.com/en/friendzone
(DE) http://battleoftherigs.com/de/friendzone

ESL Beta Cup #23


Region(s): Open to everyone who plays Dropzone!
When: Tuesday, March 21

Get a chance to test your skills every Tuesday in the ESL Beta Cup! 

Sign up here: https://play.eslgaming.com/dropzone/europe/dropzone/open/beta-cup-23-europe/
(Note that although the ESL tournament page says "Europe," it's open to all territories Dropzone is currently available in.) 


If you have a Dropzone-related fansite, or are organizing a Dropzone tournament or other community event, please reach out to us at community[at]sparkypants[dot]com and tell us about it!