At Sparkypants, we build games that emphasize the player experience. This philosophy is exemplified in what we call the "Daily Game". The only way to understand a game from a player's perspective is to play it every day.

Every day, the entire studio gets together to play the latest build of the game and give feedback. Sometimes we focus on specific features that have just been added, and other times we look for bugs or balance issues. Our goal is to make visible progress every day, iterating our way towards quality and, most of all, fun. 

When we design a new game, we work to:

  • Get a prototype running in weeks.

  • Play the game as a team and observe the experience.

  • Gather feedback and create list of changes.

  • Make significant changes for the following day.

  • Do it again!

This process helps us make sure the team always sees the game as players, observers,  and developers. In addition, this leads to great build stability and a more collective understanding of the game as it evolves.