Dropzone went FREE TO PLAY this week! All of us here at the studio are stoked, and we want to welcome all of our new players to the Dropzone community. Along with F2P, a new game update was rolled out that includes a new tutorial campaign, new Daily Bounties to earn rewards, and progression system changes for both new and current players.

Gameplay Notes

  • There is a new Daily Bounty that rewards the player for watching a replay
  • The AI in 3vAI will no longer pick two of the same pilot 
    • It is still possible for them to pick a pilot and that pilot’s Alter-Ego
  • Each of the four missions in the Tutorial Campaign reward a one-time 200 Jovian completion bonus
  • The ‘1 vs 1 Basics’ tutorial has been replaced with a ‘Match Basics’ tutorial. Players now control 1 rig instead of 3 during this guided match
  • A new campaign with four training missions has been given to players. This will be delivered as a transmission and will always be available in the Train menu. Each training mission will provide one-time Jovian rewards, as well as specific pieces of gear for the associated class

Progression Changes

  • Jovian rewards for profile level up have been reduced from 1000 Jovians to 750 Jovians
  • Each profile level up now rewards 2-3 pieces of gear and software
    • Existing players will receive all pieces of gear and software for each profile level they have earned

Pilot Changes

  • Widget’s Special Move: Rapid Repairs
    • The FX for Rapid Repairs has been updated and now includes beams that will travel to allies that are being healed so it is clearer who is receiving the healing benefits while the Special Move is active

Miscellaneous Notes

  • There is now a Quickmatch button in the top UI 
  • Custom Lobbies now support 3v3 Mode
  • Custom Lobbies now support Ranked Draft mode
  • Custom Lobbies now support AI difficulty
  • Party System now includes a ‘Busy’ state when some of your party are still in a match without you, and the ability to rescind pending invites
  • The Ready Up phase of the Drafting sequence has been changed – the Ready Up button has been removed and the final countdown has changed from 60 seconds to 20 seconds 
  • 1v1 Ranked Leaderboard is now available 
  • There is a new user option in the Graphics tab that allows users to enable or disable resolution scaling
  • Players can no longer send challenge requests while in a Party
  • Players that accept a challenge request while in a Party will now leave their Party
  • Chat System UI and Friends List have new SFX
  • Match Chat message count has been lowered to 6 to prevent chat messages obscuring the screen
  • Players that accept a Party invite from a Party that is already seeking will join the party and the seek will be automatically canceled
  • While in a party, the ‘Start Search’ button will now be locked if any members of the party are busy – this button will unlock when all party members are no longer busy

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a Server Error that would occur for Party Members if the Party Leader did not respond to a Match Found check
  • Fixed an issue where game updated messages were showing ‘null’ for all Pilot Names in matches that had more than 1 human on a team
  • Fixed an issue where Ground Pounder’s FX trail would appear over chasms
  • Fixed an issue where player hotkeys were not mapped correctly in 3v3 replays
  • Fixed some issues with key colors on supported color keyboards
  • Fixed an issue where the Sideboard Phase of the Ranked Draft sequence was allowing players to add 2 pieces of the same software to a pilot with two of the same software slots
  • Fixed an issue where players were not warned that they would leave their party if they attempted to play a solo mode before the party had started seeking
  • Fixed an issue where Shielded Actuators FX was not looping properly
  • Fixed an issue where Crazed Banshee’s targeting FX did not scale for the Kavash Boss
  • Fixed an issue where the Watch Mode sometimes would not refresh when re-opened
  • Fixed an issue where units in stasis could be targeted with teleport abilities, but would not teleport
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘[Player Name] is picking Pilot’ phase was inconsistent per player during 3VAI matches
  • Fixed an issue where being pushed off the uplink with a Nanite Wall resulted in the unit being unable to upload again until they moved away from the uplink and back to it 
  • Fixed an issue where playing and finishing a Solo VS AI game while in queue without a match being found resulted in the ‘Start Search’ button appearing red, despite the player still being in queue 
  • Fixed an issue where a member of a 2 or 3 person party was not removed properly if they started a solo-style game or began watching a replay before party match-seeking had begun
  • Fixed an issue where party members that were still on the Match Results screen after a match were not properly shown as busy
  • Fixed an issue where a party member could resign from a match and start searching for a new match before other party members had returned from the match
  • Fixed an issue where the 3v3 Match Results timeline displayed 3 icons for each map objective earned, causing the icon to be obscured
  • Fixed an issue where other match mode check boxes could not be clicked if the player was already searching for a match 
  • Fixed an issue where the 3rd Tutorial could get into a state where the player could not pan the camera
  • A large amount of localization has been added for all languages

Known Issues

  • There are known issues with words bleeding outside of their bounding boxes for every language other than English. Fixes are on the way
  • Locking Observer slots in Custom Matches only works when both slots are empty
  • The Private Match setting only works when the game is already created, so someone can join in-between
  • Hive Link does not have a cast ring around hives to show where the ability can be cast
  • The ‘Easy Pickings’ achievement does not count Hives killed by a teammate towards the goal
  • Global Chat does not reflect your changed name until you have restarted the game
  • Party members that did not initiate a seek will see incorrect checkboxes sometimes (WIP)

    Spread the word that Dropzone has gone Free to Play, have fun, and we'll see you on Europa, Commanders!