Gameplay Notes

Test Loadout Sandbox now supports unowned pilots

One of your biggest request is finally available!

  • Simply click on any unowned pilot in the Builder to add that pilot to your dropship, then click Test Loadout and you’ll be taken to the Sandbox where you can use their default gear to get a feel for them before purchasing
  • You cannot “Save” your loadout when you have an unowned pilot on your dropship

Sideboards for Ranked play have been removed from the game

  • This change is in direct response to Sideboards not fulfilling a balance function for counter-picking pilots
  • This removal is also preparation for a different change coming in a few weeks that will address the counter-picking that players will be doing for Ranked matches, now that the new leveling system is gear-focused instead of rig-focused
  • Any gear contained in your sideboard will automatically be returned to your inventory
  • Ranked play is still gated at player level 10 and needing to own 6 pilots

Miscellaneous Notes

Revamped in-game HUD and Builder UI (WIP)

To go along with last week’s in-game leveling changes we have slightly modified our in-game HUD to be sleeker and more screen-space efficient:

  • Squad level and Squad XP bar are shown in upper left and right corners, directly next to the new team banner, as well as directly underneath the new Command Grid
  • Team banners now replace having three player icons stacked per side
  • The scoreboard is the new location for the main overview information of all 6 pilots in the match. Respawn timers are visible for all 6, but health bars are only visible for your own team. Hovering over your teammates gives you their gear unlock/cooldown status
  • The Command Grid has been rearranged and is still WIP. When playing 3rig control (1v1 style) you’ll have an extra set of buttons on the left side of the Command Grid to cycle through your three rigs via tab, or mouse click
  • The Inspection Window has also been given a slight redesign

Builder UI changes

  • Gear/Software tabs have been added to the Gear window. Clicking on the tabs will automatically move the slot selection on the Builder Command Grid to the corresponding gear/software category for easier equipping
  • “Test Loadout” and “Save Loadout” buttons are now placed under the Pilot list

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Surrender UI was not scaled properly for 4k resolution
  • Fixed an issue where chat messages from Draft were overlapping new chat messages once the game began
  • Fixed an issue where the Inspection Window was appearing on mouse button down, instead of mouse button up
  • Minor localization fixes

Known Issues

  • AVG antivirus software may incorrectly flag the Dropzone client as malicious. We have reached out to them to whitelist the client. In the meantime, you should be able to manually allow your antivirus software to allow the Dropzone client to run
  • There are known issues with words bleeding outside of their bounding boxes for every language other than English. Fixes are on the way
  • Locking Observer slots in Custom Matches only works when both slots are empty
  • The Private Match setting only works when the game is already created, so someone can join in-between
  • Hive Link does not have a cast ring around hives to show where the ability can be cast
  • Global Chat does not reflect your changed name until you have restarted the game
  • Due to the new leveling system, older replays will be using observer information that is out of date. A replay wipe will be in the near future, so we suggest video capturing any replays you would like to save