Gameplay Notes

1 Queue to Rule them All!

Our Cross-Mode Multi-Queue system is here!

  • 1v1 and 3v3 queues have been combined for Standard (Unranked) games
  • Players now have the option to seek for games where they control 1, 2, or 3 rigs
  • Players can match up with other players of different combinations. For example, a player controlling 3 rigs can match with three players controlling 1 rig each, or even one player controlling 1 rig and one player controlling 2 rigs
  • Ranked play modes remain at 1v1 or 3v3
  • Ranked queue tab also lists your current REP per mode

Party Restrictions

  • Parties of 3 are only able to seek for 1 Rig control
  • Parties of 2 are able to seek for 1 Rig and/or 2-Rig control. If only 2 Rig is selected by the initiator, 2-Rig control is given to the initiator and 1 Rig control is given to the party member. If both are selected and a third player is not found in a reasonable time comparative to MMR, the above rules follow, otherwise the third player joins the team and all three players control 1 rig each


  • 3 Rig Mastery has now been renamed to Multi-Rig Mastery. Any quests or scenarios in Multi-Rig Mastery can be completed using 2 or 3 rigs

Pilot Changes

Shrapnel - **NEW**

  • Pilot Class: Sniper
  • Trait: Shrapnel does DAMAGE in a cone in front of him whenever he uses an ability.
  • Default Gear: Polarity Blaster, Ink Cloud, Backbreaker Siege
  • Base HP: 550
  • Base DPS: 105
  • Base %DR: 13.8
  • Base Armor: 4
  • Base LOS: 37.5
  • Base DET: 16
  • Base Speed: 8

Shrapnel Special Move: Omega Cannon 

  • Shrapnel fires a cluster round in a straight line DAMAGING and attaching a cluster bomb to each target that is struck. Targets detonate after a short delay for additional DAMAGE around their location
  • Cast Range: 53m
  • Splash Range: 10m
  • Cooldown: 55s
  • Max Targets: 10 Targets
  • Damage: 200

Turbine Special Move: Stoke the Fire

  • Switched over to a toggle
  • Toggling on has a minor 1s CD to protect against key spamming
  • Toggling off now has a 10s CD
  • Base functionality unchanged. Turbine gains stacking bonus damage and takes damage over time as long as the ability remains active

Pilot Blueprints

Shrapnel - **NEW**

  • Level 2: Oxidation Rifle
  • Level 3: Rogue Siege
  • Level 4: Ink Cloud
  • Level 5: Robust Circuits
  • Level 6: Rail Blaster
  • Level 7: Core Hammer
  • Level 8: Polarity Blaster
  • Level 9: Deathstroke
  • Level 10: Hydraulic Pins
  • Level 11: Slingshot Boosters
  • Level 12: Resource Redirector
  • Level 13: Backbreaker Siege
  • Level 14: Camouflage Generator
  • Level 15: Luminant Folding

Gear Changes

Oxidation Rifle (Sniper Weapon) **NEW!**

  • Level 3 Unlock
  • The Sniper lays down a path of flame in the targeted direction for a short duration. Enemies in the path are lit on fire, taking DAMAGE over time. If the enemy is SLAGGED it takes additional damage
  • Auto-Attack Damage per shot: 140 / 146.67 / 153.33 / 160 / 166.67
  • Auto-Attack Range: 27.5m
  • Auto-Attack Interval: 1.33s
  • Ability Damage per second: 50
  • DOT Duration: 3s
  • Cast Range: 35m
  • Ability Duration: 3s
  • Cooldown: 12s
  • Bonus Ability Damage per Target: +40% when slagged

Polarity Blaster (Sniper Weapon) **NEW!**

  • Level 3 Unlock
  • The Sniper fires a projectile in the targeted direction, DAMAGING and STUNNING the first enemy struck
  • Auto-Attack Damage per shot: 105 / 110 / 115 / 120 / 125
  • Auto-Attack Range: 27.5m
  • Auto-Attack Interval: 1s
  • Ability Damage: 375
  • Stun: 1.5s
  • Cast Range: 35m
  • Cooldown: 21s
  • Max Targets: 1 Target

Hydraulic Pins (Sniper Body) **NEW!**

  • Level 3 Unlock
  • The Sniper leaps to the targeted location, allowing them to cross chasms and other obstacles
  • Cast Range: 21m
  • Cooldown: 15s
  • Movement Duration: 0.45s
  • Additional HP: +400 / +600 / +750 / +850 / +900

Luminant Folding (Sniper Body) **NEW!**

  • Level 2 Unlock
  • CLOAKS the Sniper after a short Fade time. Using abilities and taking DAMAGE will not reset the Fade timer
  • Fade Time: -- / 4 / 3.5 / 3 / 3s
  • Additional HP: +150 / +350 / +500 / +600 / +650

Backbreaker Siege (Sniper Utility) **NEW!**

  • Level 1 Unlock
  • Toggle Ability
  • Locks the Sniper down into a siege mode with bonus ATTACK RANGE. The Sniper’s first auto-attack in this mode gains a very large WEAPON DAMAGE bonus
  • Cooldown: 6s
  • Bonus Auto-Attack Range: +8m
  • Bonus Auto-Attack Damage: 75 / 100 / 125 / 175 / 175%
  • SPEED Bonus: +3.75 / +4.25 / +4.75 / +5.25 / +5.75

Rogue Siege (Sniper Utility) **NEW!**

  • Level 2 Unlock
  • Toggle Ability
  • Locks the Sniper down into a siege mode with bonus ATTACK RANGE and LOS
  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Bonus Sight Range: +10m
  • Bonus Attack Range: +12m
  • SPEED Bonus: +3.75 / +4.25 / +4.75 / +5.25 / +5.75

Deathstroke Cloak (Sniper Software) **NEW!**

  • Level 1 Unlock
  • The Sniper deals extra WEAPON DAMAGE versus wounded targets
  • HP Threshold: 33%
  • Bonus Damage: 25%

Amplified Repair

  • Floor / Ceiling of the bonus healing % increased from 2-15% to 7.5-17.5%

Frame Instability

  • AOE lowered from 30m to 20m

Rail Blaster

  • Ability damage at level 5 lowered from 500 to 450


  • Damage bonus lowered from 20% to 15%

Emissive Controller

  • Speed per stack lowered from 1.5% to 1.25%

Acid Cannon

  • Now debuffs 15/20/25% armor per stack rather than a flat value

Miscellaneous Notes

  • The Multi-Queue UI has been changed and cleaned up to support the Cross-Mode addition

    • Standard and Ranked modes have their own tabs

    • A checkbox to allow searching both Standard and Ranked at the same time has been added

  • The Pilot grid in the Builder now had tabs for 1 Rig, 2 Rigs, 3 Rigs and are connected to how many rigs are present on your dropships:

    • This release will default the selection to 1 Rig as most players play with 1 Rig

    • Defaulting to 1 Rig will also help train new players, letting them discover 2 and 3 rig control when they are more comfortable

  • Hovering over a pilot in the Builder now shows their animated full portrait
  • The Watch menu has been updated to include “Unranked”, “1v1 Ranked”, and “3v3 Ranked”
  • Team vs Team in Custom Lobby now has “Ranked Style Draft” support
  • Boss Buff effect around and above the rig has been updated
  • Status effect icons at the top of the Command Grid have been tweaked
  • Small polish tweaks to the Command Grid have been added

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where leaving the Draft was not queue penalizing players
  • Fixed an issue where the Mastery data record system for 1 Rig and 3 Rig was inverted
  • Fixed an issue where Turbine’s Special Move was only reducing his health by 4HP/sec instead of 22HP/sec
  • Fixed an issue where Surge Amplifier was not triggering Cortex’s passive
  • Fixed an issue where using Paradigm Shift on a flying Sniper while over a chasm would render the Sniper stuck
  • Fixed an issue where Hives that were casting spells where not maintaining the aggro of its target during the full spell cast
  • Fixed an issue where Infestation waves would start and end within a second or two if the user was idle
  • Fixed an issue where the Boss’s chain-lightning attack was attacking enemies outside of its range
  • Fixed an issue where Laser Lens was doing no damage if the projectile was released and the rig was killed before the projectile impacted the enemy
  • Fixed an issue where the gear card for Atomic Welder did not state that it heals 5HP per slag stack
  • Fixed an issue where hitting ESCAPE as the Watch menu was loading would overlay the Main Menu on top of the Watch screen and eventually in Draft
  • Fixed an issue where AFK or Abandoning players were unable to chat in post-match results chat. We allow this to give a player a chance to explain themselves if desired
  • Fixed an issue where Solo matches that were interrupted and auto-saved, where no getting accurate gear level data sent to them when resuming the saved game
  • Fixed an issue where the new HUD was not being hidden properly in Replays when unticking the HUD checkbox or when holding down the [U] hotkey
  • Various localization fixes

Known Issues

  • Locking Observer slots in Custom Matches only works when both slots are empty
  • The Private Match setting only works when the game is already created, so someone can join in-between
  • Hive Link does not have a cast ring around hives to show where the ability can be cast
  • Global Chat does not reflect your changed name until you have restarted the game
  • Due to the new leveling system, older replays will be using observer information that is out of date. A replay wipe will be in the near future, so we suggest video capturing any replays you would like to save