Gameplay Notes

Dead Rig Command Grid

The Command Grid is now fully interactable even when your Rigs are dead

  • Upgrade your rigs via mouse click or hotkeys (ALT + Q, W, E)
  • Hover over gear and software icons to see their information card (Hold down ALT to expand their details)
  • Give your teammates information about your health/respawn time remaining by ALT + Left Mouse clicking on your pilot portrait and/or tab

Gear Changes

  • Hydraulic Pins

    • Base HP lowered from 400 to 250
  • Momentum Shifter

    • Base speed lowered from 4 to 3 m/s

Miscellaneous Notes

Custom Lobby now supports variable rigs per player

  • This change replicates what players are able to seek for in the Quickmatch queue
  • Only the Host of the lobby can adjust the amount of rigs the other players use
  • Next to each name is a Dropmark icon that rotates when clicked. The number of red dots indicates how many rigs that player controls
  • The size of the player slot will automatically adjust based on the number of rigs that player is controlling

Level cap restriction for Ranked Draft in Custom Lobbies is lifted

  • 1v1 (3 Rig control per player) no longer requires level 10 but still requires owning 6 pilots
  • 3v3 (1 Rig control per player) no longer requires level 5

Dead rigs will now have a “skull and crossbones” overlay on their pilot portrait in the Command Grid

The 4th “Ranked Squad” slot in the Builder is now a normal slot that can be selected and renamed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from utilizing the Ranked Draft option in a 6 player (3v3) Custom Lobby game
  • Fixed an issue that caused the uplink SFX, VFX, and HUD animations to continue if a rig was killed during the uploading process
  • Fixed an issue that caused Shrapnel’s profile quote to be “null”
  • Various localization fixes

Known Issues

  • Locking Observer slots in Custom Matches only works when both slots are empty
  • The Private Match setting only works when the game is already created, so someone can join in-between
  • Hive Link does not have a cast ring around hives to show where the ability can be cast
  • Global Chat does not reflect your changed name until you have restarted the game
  • Due to the new leveling system, older replays will be using observer information that is out of date. A replay wipe will be in the near future, so we suggest video capturing any replays you would like to save