It has been quite awhile since our last update and for that we apologize! We're hoping this patch makes up for it, releasing October 18th! We're very excited to give you a big sweep of balance changes, gameplay additions to objective points, a new Overtime rule, and of course... our very first Vanity crate feature everyone's favorite upcoming holiday, HALLOWEEN! Check all the details below and post in the comments if you have any questions!

Gameplay Notes

Objective Escalation

  • All three objectives now have a second tier available to complete after the first tier is taken.
  • There is a 60 second timer after the Tier 1 objective is completed, allowing you and/or your team members time to strategize on how you want to complete the next objective.
  • Once an objective is taken, any current progress on that objective is wiped clean.

Tier 1 and 2 adjustment/changes:

  • Total Vision:
    • Points earned – 1/2
  • Alpha Strike:
    • Points earned – 2/4
    • Kills required – 3/5
  • Boss Slayer:
    • Points earned – 2/4
    • Kills required – 1/3
  • Max Eradicate:
    • Points earned – 2/4
    • Kills required – 125/175

Overtime Hive Surge

  • After 60 seconds of Overtime, all completely destroyed Hives will respawn at level 1 to increase the chance of core uplinking

Pilot Changes

Pilot: General Vex

  • Using abilities now also grants her a short ability damage buff
  • +7.5% ability damage for 3s

Pilot: Widget

  • Rapid Repairs: Will no longer heal Widget herself unless there are no allied rigs nearby to heal

Gear Changes

Quantum Mire

  • The damage dealt by Mire is now governed by a spell on the affected units rather than by splash damage.
  • This means it now operates similar to Repair Bubble and follows normal spell stacking rules, so it won’t stack with itself when cast from multiple sources.
  • As a consequence of the new setup, % based ability damage bonuses will now work with Quantum Mire.

Plasma Drone

  • HP from 160 to 150
  • Explosion damage from 100 to 50
  • Explosion slow strength from 33 to 25%

Replicating Rifle

  • Summon’s ability DPS from 40/50/60/65/70 to 40/45/50/55/60
  • Summon’s HP from 160 to 150

Cloning Laser

  • Auto-attack range increased to 24
  • Lapse Generator
  • Auto-attack range increased to 24

Gravity Gun

  • Auto-attack range increased to 24

Shredder Field

  • Damage per second rescaled from 70/90/100 to 60/80/100

Thresher Flail

  • Ability damage lowered from 135 DPS to 120 DPS (from 45 damage per tick to 40)
  • Cooldown reduced from 28/24/20/16/12 to 24/21/18/15/12

Black Hole Shell

  • Cooldown from 45 to 30s
  • The Tank now gains a buff when BHS concludes
  • The buff gains strength depending on how much damage the Tank took during BHS
  • For every 4% of max HP lost, the Tank gains 1 buff stack (maxing out at 10 stacks)
  • The buff lasts 4s
  • Each stack grants +0.5 m/s and 5% auto-attack damage

Sludge Tanks

  • Cooldown from 36 to 28s

Frequency Adaptation

  • Base speed from 3.4 m/s to 3.55
  • Armor buff duration from 4.0s to 2.0s
  • Armor buff max stacks from 4/6/8 to 6/8/10

Grav Engine

  • Base speed from 3.0 to 3.2
  • Cooldown from 26s to 24s

Evoker’s Web

  • Search Range lowered from 30m to 20m
  • Will now also display a ranging decal on mouseover


  • Damage from 850 to 500
  • Cooldown from 100 to 40
  • Damage is now divided evenly across all targets hit by the ability
  • The splash decal on the ground announcing the missile now grants a small amount of vision, to better sell the suspense and payoff of the missile landing

Miscellaneous Notes

Halloween has come to Europa!

To help celebrate the event we have added our very first vanity crate to the crate Shop and every single player that logs in for the month of October will get ONE FREE Halloween vanity crate! Just visit the shop and claim it!


We've filled it with a variety of unique and spoopy items like:

Zombie Vanguard gear skins

  • Scatter Laser
  • Thrusters
  • Zealot Drive
  • Angel of Mercy (Automatically given when you collect and equip the Weapon, Body, and Utility)

Halloween Uplink Animation and Sounds

Halloween Player Portraits

Halloween Vision Towers

Important note: It is impossible to get duplicates with Vanity crates! So the good news is once you purchase the crate and receive your item, the next time you purchase the crate you’re guaranteed to get a different item from the crate!

Custom Uplink Animations

There is now an Uplink section in the Collections menu. Simply select which uplink you want to use (if you have one of the new custom ones), and that uplink will play in-game for everyone playing, not just you! (only if you are the one uploading of course)

Rename Tokens are finally here!

  • Purchasing a token is as easy as navigating to the Account Settings section of your Player Profile and clicking purchase
  • Once you have a token, simply enter the new name you want and click Save Name

The Crate counter in the upper right of the Home Scene will now say “Buy Crates” instead of “0 Crates”. Clicking this button in this state will take you directly to the Crate Shop

Kill banners have been added for single rig kills

Dropship avatar packages have been sent to all our Dropship retweeters!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Velocity Ramp disengaged when your rig was around a friendly totem like plasma drone or turret
  • Fixed an issue where any non-rig unit that had less than 1HP of health was displaying as having 0HP. They will now show 1HP instead
  • Fixed an issue where Gravity Gun’s ability damage was not being applied to enemy’s that were not affected by the pull: Hives and Bosses

Known Issues

  • Locking Observer slots in Custom Matches only works when both slots are empty
  • The Private Match setting only works when the game is already created, so someone can join in-between
  • Hive Link does not have a cast ring around hives to show where the ability can be cast
  • Global Chat does not reflect your changed name until you have restarted the game
  • Crazed Banshee is not triggering General Vex’s damage buff passive. A fix is being worked on

Whew! What a mouthful! Please let us know if you find any bugs with the new Vanity crate, and of course give us your feedback on the new balance changes and objective gameplay additions. Also, keep an eye out for a special surprise next week. We love Halloween and we're not done being spoopy! ;)

Thanks everyone!