The latest version of The Elder Scrolls: Legends is live! This release brings new Soul Trapping options, gameplay fixes, chat improvements, and plenty of sound effect changes and enhancements!

Soul Trap Enhancements

After many requests from the players, more Soul Trapping options are now available! Instead of only Soul Trapping your extra regular cards, we have added three options to accommodate three different types of collectors. These three options represent the Soul Trap priority of the various types of cards:

  • ALL: Clicking this button will save a maximum of 3 Non-Premium and 3 Premium copies of your cards, and Trap the rest. This is for the collector who likes to have everything.

  • NON-PREMIUM: Clicking this button will save a maximum of 3 Premium cards or any Premium plus the minimum amount of Non-Premium to make a total of 3 cards, and Trap the rest. This is for the collector who prefers the Premium artwork.

  • PREMIUM: Clicking this button will save a maximum of 3 Non-Premium cards or any Non-Premium plus the minimum amount of Premium to make a total of 3 cards, and Trap the rest. This is for the collector who prefers more Soul Gems.

Chat Improvements

  • Pressing the Enter key will bring up the chat window.

  • If the chat window is open and no text is present in the input field, pressing the Enter key will close the chat window.

  • Pressing the Enter key will always default to the last person you sent a message to, regardless of how many other friends have messaged you.

  • The last known chat window state (small or expanded), will now be remembered.

  • The chat history, for friends who have signed off, will now persist until you close the client.

  • Sending a message no longer renders a message pop-up for your own message.

  • Clicking on an incoming message pop-up will open the chat window and place the cursor in the input field for immediate typing.

Animation, Visual and Audio Effects

  • Cards drawn into the opponent’s hand during a match will no longer briefly flash on screen before the animation plays out.

  • Lockpick now has one uniform animation regardless of the summon outcome.

  • Sharp-Eyed Ashkan's summon ability now animates multiple cards simultaneously rather than individually.

  • Skeletons summoned by Bone Colossus' summon ability are now summoned simultaneously.

  • Sundered Shades are now summoned simultaneously when Soul Split is played.

  • The Steel Dagger created by Devious Bandit's effect from Prowl Smuggler no longer appears face down when it is created.

  • Cards that summon other cards will no longer awkwardly overlap each other as they reposition on the playmat.

  • When an opposing player summons Fortress Guard and triggers its effect, the card discarded is now properly displayed to the player first.

  • Lane icons and Ring of Magicka VFX/SFX no longer play when reconnecting to a match.

  • When spectating a player, the yellow glow VFX around the End Turn button no longer persists after the spectated player ends their turn.

  • The Slay VFX no longer appears in the center of the playmat when Falkreath Defiler survives.

  • Certain cards spawning in from portals will no longer occasionally spawn in as miniature versions of themselves.

  • The following cards have SFX/VO fixes or adjustments: Assassin’s Ritual, Temple Conjurer, Cyriel, Moon Gate, Steam Constructor, Apex Predator, Stendarr’s Hammer, Malefic Wreath, Embassy Guard, Gardener of Swords, and Little Girl (all languages except English).

  • The following cards have French VO fixes: Blood Magic Lord, Night Talon Lord, and Night Shadow.

  • Ulfric’s Housecarl’s VO for Spanish and Mexican Spanish have been properly swapped.

  • Slinking Jackal, Wily Kee’va, Bloodline Outcast, Shadow Shift, and Wardcrafter have new SFX implemented.

  • Relic Hunter now has properly localized summon and battle VO in all languages.

  • Added a new SFX for Soul Gem totals counting upwards.

  • Added the missing card burn SFX for when a player has too many cards in hand.


  • Golden Saint, Kagouti Fabricant, Alfiq Illusionist, Brassilisk, and Morag Tong Aspirant have all changed their wording from “summon a copy of [CARDNAME]” to “summon a [CARDNAME]”.

  • Winter's Grasp and Winter's Touch can no longer be played if all enemy creatures are already shackled.

  • Guildsworn Honeytongue's sort order has changed so that its Expertise ability triggers before that of Guildsworn Cavalier and Guildsworn Bloodluster.

  • Sai Sahan will now properly take damage when he attacks a creature with higher Health than he has Power.

  • Gardener's Harvest no longer changes twice if that specific card was Mulliganed away and then later drawn from the deck.

  • Fallen Dragon now receives Ward from Lion Guard Strategist before its summon ability triggers.

  • Stealing Zumog Phoom no longer severs the link to the chosen creature.

  • A player's Abnur Tharn will now successfully trigger the effects of a Wood Orc Headhunter or Bangkorai Butcher if the player has a single Orc in play.

  • Rune breaks caused by the damage of a special lane will now properly trigger any card that uses a Rune break as a trigger for a special effect.


  • Mobile clients now have a preference in the Options menu to toggle on "Double Tap to End Turn", which will prevent accidental turn ending.

  • On mobile clients, Prophecy cards drawn on a Rune break will now idle in the center of the screen so that all cards on the playmat are easily targetable.

  • Senche Graveprowler’s name has been changed to Senche-raht Graveprowler.

  • Fixed an issue that caused cards that were in their hover-over state, to be stuck on screen during the Mulligan phase while waiting for the other player to finish Mulligan selection.

  • Fixed an issue for mobile devices that would sometimes cause the Alliance War Legendary packs to display their textures poorly lit.

  • The Moons of Elsweyr playmat lighting issue, causing Guard borders to look reddish, has been fixed.

  • The Season of the Dragon Card Back is no longer visible for accounts that do not own it.


  • Fixed an issue that caused certain cards to use the long text card description frame when they should have been using the short text card description frame.

  • Disciple of Namira's star icon no longer flashes when the ability does not trigger.

  • Cards displayed through Farsight Nereid now only show their own rarity gem instead of overlapping with all rarity gem types.

  • Legendary card frames no longer extend over the title box in the "Card Info" window.

  • The Temple Lane now properly displays all health gained in one total number.

  • The Daily Reward menu no longer overlaps other screens when the player finishes a match.

  • The Usurper title text description now appears in the correct language when received, instead of in English for all languages.

  • The five Alliance War class names are now searchable terms in the Collection search bar.

  • Unowned Double Cards now properly appear when filtering to the individual costs of the cards.

  • Bruma Oppressor is now sorted correctly in the Collection.

  • Karthspire Scout now appears when searching the Collection for "Orsimer".

  • Around 28 new loading tips have been added to the list of tips.


  • The Moons of Elsweyr intro quest line now properly delivers the card back reward at the rewards screen when you complete the final quest.

Known Issues

  • Low-end iOS devices may have missing Main Menu UI.

  • Players that are stuck on the “Complete Act 3” quest can now replay the mission to trigger the quest.