rules and general faq





  1. Teams must register to participate. Registration is found on the main page.

  2. Teams must register by 11:59pm EDT the Saturday before the tournament. If a team registers after this time, they will not be allowed to participate.

  3. A team must register together through their team captain.

  4. A player may only belong to one team.

  5. Teams may have 3 players and one substitute player on their team.

  6. Any changes to the roster must by made by 11:59pm EDT the Saturday before and approved by a Tournament Administrator.

  7. Changes can be emailed to





  1. Teams must show up at 12:45pm EDT and “check in” on the Sparky Monthly Tournament Discord

  2. Teams have 10 minutes to show up to their FIRST match and 5 minutes to show up to their SECOND match. This means 3 members of the team must be ready to play in the custom lobby within the time period. Failure to show up will end in forfeit.

  3. 3 team members must be in attendance for a match to begin. If a player is not available, their substitute can be used.

  4. Match name must be Team Name A and Team Name B. You must give the matches password to the other Team on Discord


  1. Once a match is won, results must be reported in email by the WINNING TEAM to

    1. Email must include Round#

    2. Team [Team Name Here] vs Team  [Team Name Here]

    3. Winner Screenshots

  2. If forfeit, please provide screenshots with evidence of forfeit.

  3. During Bo3 you may request a 5 minute break from the Tournament Administration team in Discord. Otherwise each match will be played back to back.

  4. Teams may switch to their subs during BO3.


  1. Teams must be respectful of other teams, any sort of disrespectful or rude behavior can be grounds for disqualification. Disqualification is at the discretion of the tournament administration team.

  2. Final rulings are at the discretion of the tournament administration team.



  1. What if I don’t have a team?
    We have created a channel on the Sparky Monthly Tournament Discord where you can find teammates. You can look here or on the Official Discord!

  2. Can we participate if we’re in Europe?
    Yes, you can participate in any region that Dropzone is accessible to!

  3. Is there an age restriction?
    No, there is no age restriction.

  4. What if my team wins but I cannot participate in the Dropzone Invitational?
    Please email us directly at with any roster changes.