Franco Galletta

Principle VFX

Franco's professional experience spans 20+ years and crosses a wide range of industries that all share commonality within the VFX world. From ESPN to WB Broadcast, Hasbro, and various game studios, Franco has taken on a multitude of capacities of creating visually compelling art, directing, leading teams, and consulting. He's supported not only small Indie teams such as Owlchemy Labs, but also medium and large AAA studios such as Seven45, WB Games, and NCSoft.

Franco has shipped titles on all platforms of mobile, console, and PC, with notable mentions of some MMO titles, WB's Lord of the Rings, WOTC's DDO, and ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 franchises. While pulling from his collective experience of different workflows and pipelines, he brings together and applies unique perspectives of concepting, modeling, texturing, animation, and particle simulations to make way for the best VFX with the most impact. And now, having joined the amazing team at SparkyPants Studios, Franco continues to do what he does best and loves, creating visually compelling VFX for the masses.