Sparkle Engine:  A look inside 


Sparkypants Studios has developed a first-in-class engine and backend built for RTS / MOBA / ARPG games. It was created explicitly to support the needs of our first game, Dropzone, which was built for 1v1 PvP competitive gaming.

Tech overview

The Sparkle Engine client boasts industry-leading load times and capabilities. We have a replay system and live observer system we have used from early in development and which includes automated camera support. Our Physically Based, Forward++ Rendering system is equal to or better than other “for license” PC rendering engines.

Our Sim Server, the workhorse of game simulation, is extremely efficient. For Dropzone, our production hardware averages average less than .1 ms per simulation frame, can run thousands of instances, has a fixed memory footprint, and has a broad range of capabilities for redundancy. We have a full build system that can build, deploy, and update typically between 15 and 30 minutes.


Our backend services allow simple horizontal scalability and manage virtually all required services. We’ve even supported our own launcher system when required. We have production-ready systems for matchmaking, inventory management, player management, quests, playbacks, tournaments, player statistics, ranked play, administration and cs tools, etc.