Gavin Niebel

QA Manager

Cutting his teeth on over 20 different titles from publisher TDK-Mediactive, Gavin has been breaking games professionally for over 15 years. His move to in-house development testing came when acclaimed studio Infinity Ward hired him to help create what would eventually become a 32 person, double-shift team to ensure their future title, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, would be as bug-free as possible. After its incredible success he was sent over to Treyarch to lead the PC QA team and modding department during the infamous Nazi Zombie explosion, and stuck around for two more record breaking titles thereafter.

Before joining Sparkypants in the beginning of 2016 he spent four years in Paris as the QA Manager of Quantic Dream working on Beyond: Two Souls, The Sorcerer, and Detroit. Now, more than ever, he believes that great quality assurance comes from constantly wearing multiple hats rather than completing checklists. Gavin's knowledge of varying development pipelines from multiple studios, plus his undying belief that QA is the heart of any game development cycle has kept him and his teams dynamic and ready for any kind of support the rest of the company requires. He also owns an authentic Cylon resurrection tub and may or may not judge you based on your opinion of Battlestar Galactica.