Ian Smith

Sound Designer

Ian had an interest in music, sound, and graphics since he was a child. As a teenager he was passionate about the art of turntablism, DJ’ing, and synthesizers. From there his interests evolved in to electronic music production and in 2002 he completed a certification from OMEGA School of Recording Arts & Sciences in "MIDI and Synthesizers". Ian then went on to receive an interdisciplinary BA from UMBC for “Sound Design and Music Technology for Visual Media” with Cum Laude honors. After completing multiple internships he was hired as a Film Electronics Assistant for “The Wire” as seen on HBO. Ian's game audio career began in 2007 and since then his audio has reached more than 30 million users. Ian has completed a variety of projects on multiple platforms and his credits include titles such as:

Ashes of Singularity, Galactic Civilizations III, Sorcerer King, DomiNations, Off-world Trading Company, Kingdoms of Amalur: DLC “Teeth of Naros", Kingdoms of Amalur: DLC “The Legend of Dead Kel”, Kingdoms of Amalur: “The Reckoning”, Civilization World, X-Com: Enemy Unknown, Civilization V, Civilization “Colonization”, and Civilization “Revolution”. He has also completed a variety of casino games such as: Big Berner, Big Foot, Cafe Latte, and Hockey Shoot Off, as well as multiple prototypes and unreleased projects.