Ken Whitman

Effects Lead

Ken has 18 years of experience in the game industry starting with Day1 Studios in 1998. After 11 years he continued on to Big Huge Games, Epic Impossible, Zenimax Online, and now Sparkypants Studios. He has worked in modeling, texturing, level design, UI design, but his favorite art has been visual effects for more than 14 years.

Ken has shipped titles on almost every platform dating back to Playstation 1, most notably; MechAssault, MechAssault 2, Fracture, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Elder Scrolls Online.

Whether leading a team of 8 other visual effects artists, or being the lone fx artist on a AAA project, his goal is always simply to make the game look and feel awesome to play. If it explodes, burns, freezes, bleeds.. or whatever, Ken is behind it.