Matt Gray

Engine Lead

Matt Gray is stronger than Einstein, smarter than Hercules, and he'll kick your butt..... at Nintendo.
A child of destiny born of humble beginnings, Matthew Underdunk Gray was a powder keg waiting to go off in an explosion of unacceptable behavior. In 1988, with the release of the NES Action Set, his fuse would be lit.
Some might claim that Matt gained his unholy programming ability at Big Huge Games and Impossible Studios. They'd be wrong. Matt first began coding on the Apple II GS, teaching himself AppleSoft Basic at 10 years of age. So, if anyone ever asks you if old Matt Gray paid his dues, you tell 'em the check is in the mail.
Don't let his eccentric game predilection throw you; Matt is perfectly sane. Everyone else, however, is insane and out to steal his magic bag.
Oh yes, and he really hates yo-yos.