Pranas Pauliukonis

Tech Director

Pranas Pauliukonis has honed his programming skills through 15 years of game development experience and is in constant demand by anyone who has ever worked with him. He has led teams of varying size in multiple genres while building a reputation across departments as a go-to developer. At Tiburon, Pranas iterated on the AI and optimized both memory and CPU for Madden Football. With Rise of Nations, he wrote the simulation code, tactical and strategic AI, and the path-finding. For Rise of Legends, Pranas led the prototype in the older engine and then seamlessly managed the merge into the new. For Reckoning, Pranas led the gameplay team (which included all animation systems), built all RPG game systems, and defined a studio-wide code review process. As the lead programmer on Cityville 2 at Zynga, he designed and built the client engine while mentoring junior developers. While his core strength is in rapid prototyping and debugging, his code inspection abilities help improve the code of his team and detect problems before they ever reach the live codebase.